SCA-Remote / Prompter Studio Remote

Free Wi-Fi/Bluetooth remote for Script Camera Action / Prompter Studio


This remote is the free utility application that enables you to control your device running Script Camera Action (iOS) / Prompter Studio (Android) on another device via Wi-Fi or Bluetooth. The remote features a very simple interface that allows you to browse for devices running the main application and then tweak settings and change views while you get the perfect angle and comfortable position to record your videos.

One extra feature of the remote is the special prompter mode which allows you to control the text like a traditional teleprompter without the need to record video.

So why not try it, it's FREE.

Note: You can now interoperate the remotes between iOS and Android devices using universal advertising over WiFi (see the manual for details).

Videos & Screenshots


There are small differences between the features available on each operating system, so please make sure you download the correct manual for your application.


Thanks to Carmen Higueras Vargas and Juan Aranda Jiménez for their work on the icon and application designs.